Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Habeas Hearing

This is not really connected with AEDPA, but yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on "Restoring Habeas Corpus: Protecting American Values and the Great Writ." I've been looking for a transcript or report on the actual hearing (as opposed to the witness statements) and Firedoglake came through with this report. Probably not an exact quote, but:

Rear Admiral Donald Guter, USN (ret.): For me, it is not about what
is least required by the law or who can be more patriotic. This is about
what is best for the long-term policy of the US and what is best for our troops
and for those who travel overseas from this nation, what is best in gaining the
best intelligence, in winning the hearts and minds of people around the world,
what policy serves us best in international and humanitarian law. What
standard do we want to be held to in the world — it is not about them, it is
about us. Habeas is the basis for a civilized legal system — it protects
us from an unchecked power to hold us indefinitely. Guantanimo shows us
what can happen with an unchecked power.